Water shortage in the world

Water shortage is a global world problem, not only in “dry” countries. Along with the domestic water usage, the industrial and agricultural needs demand large amounts of water.
The water shortage is not the sole problem of the world’s dry areas; areas with reach water sources and humid climate are also suffering from shortage of drinking water.

The waterless urinal is similar in size and shape to a regular urinal, but contrarily to regular urinal it operates without any need in water. A unique filter installed at the urinal’s bottom contains a special environment-friendly and odorous liquid. The urine flows on the urinal’s wall through the filter directly into the sewage. A special liquid layer in the filter serves as a perfect barrier between the sewage and the air environment in the washing room and emits a pleasant odor. The result is a significant reduction of unpleasant smells and hygiene improvement in the vicinity of the urinal.